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Returns (RMA)


Delivery Address
Billing Address
Pease complete the following fields only if the billing address is different from the delivery address (above).
Reason for Return
Have you already been assigned a ticket number by the KEM Service Team? You will find the service ticket number in the subject line of your mail correspondence (e.g. K-123456).
Product Information
Information about the device
Information about the Electronics
Please describe your problem in as much detail as possible.
Repair Costs
Our aim is to keep the process times of repairs as short as possible in order to return your flow meter to you within a 10 day period.
Therefore, it is our policy to carry out the cleaning/calibration/repair works without preparing a cost estimate, as long as the costs don't exceed 480.00 € per flow meter and 60.00 € per electronic unit.
Of course the cost actually incurred can be lower. If the estimated costs turn out to exceed the above mentioned amounts, we will send you a separate quotation which will have to be approved by you.
You will find the declaration of decontamination here: Declaration of Decontamination

Please download the document, sign, scan and attach here:

After having sent off the completed form, you will receive a confirmation via E-mail with an address label for your return shipment.

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