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AutomotiveKEM has been a reliable and renowned partner for flow measurement technology in the automotive sector for decades.

Automobility determines our everyday lives and is, as it were, part of our future. As a proven and reliable partner for measurement technology, KEM has been active in the automotive sector for decades and is working on the mobility of tomorrow.

In close cooperation with leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, we continuously develop proven technologies and develop forward-looking innovations. Our products are used in the diverse processes of research and development as well as in series production.

For example, our measuring instruments are used in test benches for transmissions, engines and chassis, as well as in pre-production models and for monitoring operating fluids. In addition, our flowmeters shine in automated production lines around the body shop, guaranteeing more efficient production.

For these and other individual applications, KEM's entire product range and our many years of experience in solving measurement tasks are at your disposal.

The combination of high-quality materials, specific designs and geometries, and the use of different measuring principles enables a wide range of flowmeters that are predestined for typical applications in the automotive and supplier industries.


Our applicationsThe full KEM product range is available for an optimal solution of the measuring tasks in this industry.

Test Stand for Automatic and Specialized Transmissions

Paint Circulation Systems ─ Testing Various Materials

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