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ChemicalAs a reliable partner to the chemical industry, KEM has been successfully solving a wide range of flow measurement tasks for decades.

As part of the secondary sector of the economy, the chemical industry supplies products and substances for many other branches of the economy and is thus committed to constant economic efficiency. KEM has been a reliable partner in this sector for decades and solves a wide variety of tasks efficiently and successfully using the most accurate measurement technology.

In close cooperation with our customers, we are constantly developing established technologies and devising novel measuring solutions that are used in a wide variety of processes in laboratory and production facilities.

Our measuring instruments thus master a range of highly demanding requirements. They must not only reliably and safely handle particularly critical inorganic and organic substances, but also be resistant to toxic and corrosive substances. Even these media are precisely measured by our products over extremely wide pressure and temperature ranges. Even in the direct nuclear reactor environment, they impress with exceptional durability while meeting the highest safety standards when handling various chemicals.

For a wide range of applications and an optimal solution of the measuring tasks, the spectrum of our products and the many years of experience of KEM are at your disposal.


The combination of high-quality materials, specific designs and geometries as well as the use of different measuring principles enables a wide range of flowmeters for typical applications in the chemical industry.


Our applicationsThe proven KEM product range is available for an optimal solution of the measuring tasks in this industry.

Chemical Manufacturing – Additives Blending

Chemical Manufacturing – Dimethylformamide

Chemical Manufacturing DMF – PU coating agent

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