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EnergyKEM has been a reliable and renowned partner for flow measurement technology in the energy industry for decades.

The global demand for energy continues to rise. As an innovative partner, KEM is therefore also called upon to provide comprehensive experience in flow measurement technology.

In close cooperation with our customer companies, we help to develop alternative energy sources and promote the necessary expansion of energy generation capacities. Here, there is a broad field of application that benefits from our flow measurement technology.

Our products are increasingly used in power plants for renewable energies, but they also have a firm place in conventional power plants and nuclear power plants. Here they ensure

In addition to ensuring compliance with statutory environmental requirements, they also help to continuously improve process performance. By precisely measuring and monitoring fuel mixtures, for example, our measuring instruments contribute to the most efficient combustion. At the same time, they are characterized by high operational reliability and durable design.

In order to find the optimal measuring solution for your application, our many years of experience and the entire range of KEM products are at your disposal.

The combination of high-quality materials, specific designs and geometries as well as the use of different measuring principles enables a wide range of flow meters for the industry-specific applications.


Our applicationsFor these and other individual applications, KEM's entire product range and our many years of experience in solving measurement tasks are at your disposal.

Fuel consumption measurement in gas turbine power plants

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