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PharmaceuticalKEM has been a reliable and renowned partner for flow measurement technology in the pharmaceutical industry for decades.

Every day, the pharmaceutical industry rededicates itself to the task of making highly specialized drugs available to the general public. Here, it is not only the financial implications that are particularly important, but also that production processes are able to exploit their full potential in terms of efficiency in order to shorten time-to-market, for example for necessary vaccines.

KEM offers proven and reliable solutions for this. In close cooperation with our customers, we continuously strive to innovate new ideas to achieve the highest possible productivity and efficacy in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

In particular, our flow measurement technology helps to realize and thereby improve the control and regulation of the active ingredients used, even in the smallest quantities.

With our many years of experience, we are happy to assist you and support you with our product variety in finding an individually tailored solution for your measurement requirements.

For these and other individual applications, KEM's entire product range and our many years of experience in solving measurement tasks are at your disposal.


Our applicationsThanks to our many years of experience, we are able to offer an optimal solution from the KEM product range for the sometimes highly complex requirements in this industry.

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