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Intrinsically Safe Supply Unit and separation amplifier (EWS)

to supply intrinsically safe pickups and amplifiers

Intrinsically safe supply circuit 12 V to supply intrinsically safe KEM pickups and amplifiers installed in hazardous areas.

Two intrinsically safe signal input circuits EX II (2)G [EEx ia] IIC to connect pickups and amplifiers NAMUR technique and active and passive pickups. LEDs will indicate short circuit and line breakage.

The EWS supplies KEM pickups and amplifiers installed in hazardous areas and transmits the output frequency of these pickups.

All in- and output circuits are isolated. The EWS must be installed outside hazardous areas.


Technical Data

  • Outputs:
    • Open-Collector
    • PLC output active 24 V
    • NAMUR DIN 19234