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Helical Flow Meters (SRZ)

for high-viscosity and abrasiv media

The helical flowmeter (SRZ) works according to the displacement principle. Two cycloidal helical spindles with geometrically lapped profiles that interlock with high precision lie in a cylindrical housing. This creates enclosed measuring chambers between the spindle profiles and the wall of the housing. These transport the medium being measured. The medium is forcibly guided and flows through the measuring chamber bores in the axial direction, causing the spindles to rotate. This process is pulsation-free with minimum leakage. The rotational speed of the spindles is exactly proportional to the volume flow over a very wide range. Impulses per unit of volume are available for the analysis. Thanks to the minimal pressure loss and low shearing, the KEM helical flowmeter is especially well suited for measuring high-viscosity media.



  • Large measuring range (0.04 l/min to 400 l/min)
  • Very high resolution
  • Outstanding reproducibility
  • Wide measuring span
  • Low pressure loss
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Robust construction with a long service life


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