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Chemical Industry


KEM as a reliable partner for the chemical industry has been successfully solving a wide variety of problems in the field of flow measuring technology for decades.

In close cooperation with our customers, we pursue the further development of proven technologies or develop innovative measuring solutions for use in a wide variety of processes in laboratories and production facilities.

KEM measuring equipment meets numerous highly demanding requirements. For example, it has to handle highly critical inorganic and organic substances reliably. It is resistant to corrosive and often also toxic media, and measures them precisely across extremely wide pressure and temperature ranges with different nominal pipe sizes. In the immediate nuclear reactor environment, it meets the highest safety standards for the handling of various chemicals and has an extraordinary service life.

The proven KEM product range is available to provide an optimum solution for measuring tasks in this industry.


KEM Product Groups

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters (TCM)

Gear Flow Meters (ZHM)

Turbine Flow Meters (HM)

Micro Flow Meters (LFM)


Applications and KEM Products

The combination of high quality materials, specific configurations and geometries, and the use of various measuring principles makes a broad range of flowmeters possible for typical applications in the chemical industry.

  • Additive measuring and dosing (TCM, ZHM ST, ZHM KL, ZHM CT, HM F, HM R, HM E, LFM)
  • Mixing (additives blending), media mixtures and packaging and dosing (TCM)
  • Bidirectional measurement (TCM, ZHM, HM)
  • Minimum volume monitoring (TCM, LFM) and maximum volume monitoring (TCM)
  • Deionized water/demi-water measurement (HM)
  • Loading and unloading (TCM)
  • Dosing and mixing of basic chemicals/batch processes (TCM, ZHM)
  • Further processing of resins (TCM, ZHM)
  • PU production with isocyanate and polyol (TCM, ZHM)
  • Dosage monitoring of alcohol as a raw material or cleaning agent (HM)
  • In chemical reactions of low-viscosity media (TCM, HM, LFM) and high-viscosity media (TCM, SRZ)