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Flow meters may be exposed to extreme conditions in the field of hydraulic measurement depending on the application.

For example, they have to withstand enormous pressures and very high temperatures of the environment or the media being measured. Even critical or hazardous media must not affect the materials of flow meters that are used. Furthermore, flow meters have to ensure consistently high measurement accuracy even when the viscosity fluctuates.

Thanks to decades of experience in the development and production of flow meter technology, we are able to offer an optimum solution for these complex requirements from the KEM product range.


KEM Product Groups

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters (TCM)

Gear Flow Meters (ZHM)

Turbine Flow Meters (HM)

Helical Flow Meters (SRZ)


Applications and KEM Products

The combination of high quality materials, specific configurations and geometries, and the use of various measuring principles makes a broad range of flow meters possible for industry-specific applications.