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Flow Rate Calibration at the Highest Level


KEM has been calibrating its flow meters internally at the highest technical level since 1994. The calibration laboratory uses a high-precision load cell system. With an accuracy of 0.05 per cent for the mass and 0.1 per cent for the volume of flowing liquids, KEM occupies a leading position worldwide. The German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) has accredited the laboratory with engineers, processes and measuring equipment in accordance with the international standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.

Calibration is the professional method for obtaining precise, usable information about the accuracy of measuring equipment. Calibration is performed with various hydrocarbons – a unique performance characteristic of the KEM calibration standard. This ensures optimum simulation of changing operating conditions in terms of density, flow direction and viscosity, even with temperature changes. The primary viscosity for the use of the flow meter can be specifically taken into account this way when viscosity fluctuations occur in a customized application.

Even national test laboratories use the KEM flow meters calibrated this way to compare the accuracy of their devices in countries around the world.

KEM offers a calibration service for a wide variety of flow meters at its Bad Kötzting location in addition to calibrating its own products. Most devices of the customers using this service are designed for use in the automotive, pharmaceutical or food industry, aviation, biotechnology, or for consumption measurement in general.

An individual, detailed calibration record not only documents the accuracy of a flow meter but also guarantees traceability to national measurement standards for the customer. The benefit for the customer is that all requirements of corresponding international quality standards are met.

Please use the online form to order the calibration of a flow meter. Then send the meter (ideally cleaned) and the completed calibration form including the declaration of decontamination to our competence center for production in Bad Kötzting.

DAkkS Accreditation

  • Viscosity up to 100 mm²/s
  • Material throughput and flow rate from 0.016 to 2,000 l/min
  • Density from 650 to 1,000 kg/m3
  • Measuring accuracy from 0.05 to 0.1 % of the measured value

KEM Calibration Services

  • DAkkS calibration certificate
  • Certification according to various standards
  • Calibration for different viscosity classes up to 3,000 mm²/s
  • Volume flow rates from 0.002 to 20,000 l/min
  • Specialized calibration on request
  • Calibration of third-party devices


  • Highest calibration accuracy
  • Traceability to national measurement standards
  • Internationally recognized results and documentation (calibration certificate)
  • Calibration with practical orientation (dynamic weighing process)
  • Fast calibration throughput times