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Functionality of our Flow Meters

Gear Flow Meters - Overview

Gear Flow Meter

ZHM operate according to the positive displacement principle. In the measuring chamber of the flow meter there are two gears which mesh with defined clearance. Closed cavities are created between the teeth and the housing. The flowing medium distributes itself evenly in the measuring chamber and sets the pair of gears in rotation. The gears rotate freely and without braking in the medium flow. Their speed is proportional to the flow rate and is picked up by a sensor (transducer) without contact through the housing cover.


Turbine Flow Meters

HM work according to the Woltmann impeller wheel meter principle. They measure the volumetric flow in a pipeline through which the medium flows via the average flow velocity. The turbine wheel is flowed against in the axial direction by the flowing medium and set in rotation. The speed of the freely rotating wheel is directly proportional to the mean flow velocity over a wide range. The rotational speed of the turbine wheel is measured without contact through the housing cover by means of a transducer.

Turbine Flow Meters - Overview
Helical Flow Meters - Overview

Helical Flow Meters

SRZ operate according to the displacement principle. Two cycloidal screw spindles with geometrically overlapping profiles lie in a cylindrical housing, interlocking with high precision. This creates sealed measuring chambers between the spindle profiles and the housing wall, in which the medium to be measured is transported. The medium to be measured flows in a forced axial direction through the measuring chamber bores, causing the spindles to rotate. This occurs without pulsation and with minimal leakage. The speed of the spindles is exactly proportional to the volume flow over a very wide range and is picked up by transducers through the housing wall without contact.

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