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Petrochemical Processing - Oil Additive Blending

This lubricant manufacturer now uses two TRICOR Coriolis meters.

Application Description

This lubricant manufacturer now uses two TRICOR Coriolis meters: one measures the individual petrochemical products as they are offloaded into their tank farm, and the second is for batch control as they create products using components from various tanks. The Coriolis meter for batching is used with a Precision Digital Batch Controller and a pneumatic control valve for precise batching. 

TRICOR Product supplied

TCM-65K Coriolis Mass Flow Meter with Integral Transmitter


This customer uses multiple hydrocarbon components to create their products, and some components are measured using a manual weight scale. The display is hard to read and the weight scale is unreliable. Additionally, hydrocarbon components were not being measured upon delivery by the customer.


One 2-inch Coriolis flow meter was placed in the receiving plumbing line for measurement of the individual components as they are off-loaded from delivery trucks to the individual storage tanks, providing accurate measurement and billing. Also, by using the batch controller, control valve and Coriolis meter for the batching process, the customer can now dial in the desired amount of individual components and then walk away. These flow meters were also integrated into a local display, a Precision Digital Consolidator which displays values of tank levels and flow rate.


The new batching system is set to control the flow rate, totalize the flow, and shut off the flow when the setpoint is reached. The customer is pleased with the accuracy achieved.

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