Development & Production

During development, our focus is on the precision of our reliable flow measurement technology. In this way, we not only want to ensure a high quality standard, but also guarantee that individual wishes and suggestions of our customers can be flexibly addressed. Our vertical range of manufacture and the application knowledge of our employees help us to do this, as does the introduction of reliable products and production processes.

Thanks to investments in development, design and manufacturing, we are able to react quickly to these suggestions and deliver high quality - "Made in Germany".

The production of our products requires a combination of specialists in mechatronics and mechanical engineering, electronics, software development and other fields. In doing so, we follow the so-called continuation principle, in which evaluations from our customers, suppliers or other external entities are also taken into account and valued.

Within the scope of our sustainable support and service activities, our in-house accredited calibration laboratory competence enables us to respond to our customers' changing requirements for the measuring instrument used, even years later, and to offer customized solutions.

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