Helical Flow Meters (SRZ)Measurement of highly viscous and non-abrasive media

Helical Flow Meters (SRZ) are volumetric flow meters that are mainly used for highly viscous, abrasive, filled as well as lubricating and non-lubricating media. Polyurethane, polymers and viscous materials, but also greases and oils of all kinds are among them. Thanks to its design, temperature fluctuations and the resulting change in medium viscosity have only a marginal effect on measurement accuracy. Only high-quality stainless steels that can withstand even corrosive media are used to manufacture the spindle flowmeters. Short response times, very dynamic behavior and high measuring accuracy ensure precise regulation and control of volume flows within demanding applications.

Helical Flow Meters - Overview

SRZ Portfolio

Helical Flow Meters – SRZ ST Series

SRZ ST Series

for high-viscosity and abrasiv media

SRZ HR Series

with integrated sensor electronics

Benefits of Helical Flow Meters

Experience through 50,000 installations worldwide

High-precision volume flow sensors

High-resolution (optional)

Very short response time and visualization of process changes

High-quality materials

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