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Energy Sector


The global increase in the demand for energy is leading to a faster expansion of capacities for the generation of energy from fossil fuels and alternative energy sources.

There is a broad range of applications for flow measuring technology here. It is used in conventional generating plants (coal, oil, and gas combined heat and power plants), nuclear power plants, and renewable energy generating plants (solar, wind, and hydroelectric plants, geothermal generating plants). KPIs for the operation of the various plants focus on improving process performance, complying with environmental regulations, and increasing profitability.

KEM measuring instruments for example contribute to optimum combustion through precise measurement, reliable monitoring, and by regulating air-fuel mixtures. This reduces both costs and emissions. Our measuring solutions also set themselves apart with low maintenance costs, a long service life, and high operational reliability.

Thanks to decades of experience in the development and production of flowmeter technology, we are able to offer an optimum solution in this industry from the KEM product range.


KEM Product Groups

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters (TCM)

Gear Flow Meters (ZHM)

Turbine Flow Meters (HM)

Helical Flow Meters (SRZ)

Micro Flow Meters (LFM)


Applications and KEM Products

The combination of high quality materials, specific configurations and geometries, and the use of various measuring principles makes a broad range of flowmeters possible for industry-specific applications.