Pickups and Amplifiers

KEM is focused on continuously optimizing the signal processing for our mechanical flow meters according to the current state of the art. The methodical development of modular product families ensures that we are already prepared today for the challenges of tomorrow.
Signal acquisition is contactless from the operating medium via the rotation of the measuring insert of the KEM flow meters and offers fast system integration paired with intuitive user interface and parameterization options. The modular products enable our customers to provide the required data interfaces of frequency, analog and digital outputs. They cover the line scope and expectations of users in a wide range of markets and applications. At the same time, we ensure that our products comply with the legal explosion protection and EMC directives.


Pickups and Amplifiers Portfolio

Fibreoptical Amplifier – FOP 70 and OPTV


Fiber Optical Amplifier and Lightpulse Receiver

Inductive Pulse Amplifiers – IF and VIEG


Inductive Pickups and Amplifiers for extreme medium temperatures

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