Gear Flow Meters (ZHM)for lubricating and non-lubricating liquids

Gear flow meters (ZHM) are positive displacement meters. Two precise gears rotate freely inside the measuring chamber. Sealed cavities are created between the gears and the housing. The measured media causes the rotation of the gears. The flowing medium is distributed evenly in the measuring chamber and causes the rotation of the gears. The gear wheels rotate freely and undamped in the media flow. Their rotational frequency is proportional to the flow rate and is measured by non-intrusive sensors (pickups) through the housing wall.


These meters are suitable for accurate measurement of different liquids with viscosities of approximately 1 to 25,000 mm²/s.

Gear Flow Meters - Overview

ZHM Portfolio

Gear Flow Meters – ZHM ST Series

ZHM ST Series

for abrasive, corrosive and less lubricating fluids

Gear Flow Meters – ZHM KL Series

ZHM KL Series

with Ball Bearing for lubricating and non abrasive fluids

Gear Flow Meters – ZHM HP Series

ZHM HP Series

for High Pressure Applications with Autoclave connections

Gear Flow Meters – ZHM MK Series

ZHM MK Series

with ball bearing for low viscous, lubricating fluids

Gear Flow Meters – ZHA Series

ZHA KL Series

Aluminum Version with ball bearing for lubricating media

Gear Flow Meters – ZHM CT Series

ZHM CT Series

for paint applications, optimized flushing and weight design

Benefits of the Gear Flow Meters

Experience through 200,000 installations worldwide

High-precision volume flow sensors

High-quality materials

Excellent corrosion resistance

Application-specific mounting concepts

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